The festival program has been divided into two thematic blocks: music and film.
As in the previous years, within music block, eminent figures of world neoklezmer scene, both from Poland and from abroad, will be hosted. Aside from concerts of recognized bands, as in the previous years, the projects specially commissioned for the festival will be presented as well.
Six concerts, including two premieres, commisioned by the Tzadik Festival.

The film block includes the review of films presented and awarded at International Film Festival ‘Jewish motifs’ 2015. As in the previous years, the film review will be combined with meetings with some artists. In 2012, for example, after a world premiere of film ‘Searching for stars’ based on a war story by Marek Hłasko, meeting with Filip Luft, the director of the movie, took place.

In this year, we will host Andrzej Titkow, screenwriter, director and producer of documentary and fabular films as well as Joanna Helander and Bo Persson, who made the movie ‘Watching the Moon at Night’. All film shows will be preceded by short lectures by Piotr Forecki, the curator of the festival.
It is the 8th edition of Tzadik Poznań Festival [new Jewish tradition]. In the previous years we hosted such artists as JOHN ZORN with his quartet Masada and pianist URI CAIN (in the line-up specially formed for the festival), JAMIE SAFT Trio, French quartet ZAKARYA (2007), bands from Israel: YAIR DALAL – BandOrient and ALBERT BEGER NEW QUARTET (2008), quartet FELDMAN/ COHEN/ CAINE/ PEROWSKY, trio RASHANIM, Joe MCPHEE, LA MAR ENFORTUNA (2009), TIM SPARKS i YVES WEYH (2010), Undivided & Perry Robinson (2011).
We also hosted Polish artists who draw inspiration from Jewish music and culture, such as Raphael Rogiński with his projects SHOFAR i CUKUNFT, bands THE TRANSGRESS, YAZZBOT MAZUT, ENTEROUT TRIO, Mikołaj Trzaska’s clarinet project – IRCHA PNEUMATIC with guest appearance of Joe McPhee, Daktari, Żydowski Surf or Meadow Quartet.
Tzadik Poznań Festival involves also projects specially commissioned for the festival such as Masada by John Zorn with pianist URI CAIN, the joint concert of quartet ZAKARYA, Kobe Israelite’s and Maciej Filipczuk’s band or the project of Polish-American quartet (Perry Robinson/Michael Zerang/ Rafael Rogiński /Wacław Zimpel) ‘Music Of The Yemenite Jews’.

In 2013 we hosted Uri Cane, who together with Ksawery Wójciński and Robert Rasz, for the first time played music material being an interpretation of Władysław Szpliman’s work .
Tzadik Poznań Festival involves also publishing activity. So far, the following albums have been released:
Mikołaj Trzaska Ircha Clarinet Quintet with Joe McPhee ‘Lark Uprising’ (2010).
Perry Robinson / Wacław Zimpel / Michael Zerang / Raphael Rogiński ‘Yemen – Music Of The Yemenite Jews’ (2012).
Uri Caine / Ksawery Wójciński / Robert Rasz ‘Szpilman’ (2014).
The further albums are to be released.
Since the first edition of Tzadik Festival, screenings of films presented and awarded at the subsequent editions of the festival ‘Jewish motifs’ as well as literary meetings and art exhibitions are an inseparable part of the festival (for instance, poetic performance ‘A sacred word, a cursed word’, in which Ewa Lipska, Ryszard Krynicki, Piotr Matywiecki and Mateusz and Marek Pospieszalski took part; meeting with Agnieszka Sabor, author of the book ‘Shtetl. Tracing the Jewish towns’; two exhibitions by Yossi Lamel: ‘ Yossi Lamel – a retrospective’ and the premiere of his exhibit ‘Heart of Mine’ in the National Museum in Poznań).
We pay particular attention to the visual setting of the festival, there are oustanding figures among graphic artists who collaborated with us, such as Piotr Młodożeniec – the poster he created in 2009 for the third edition of Tzadik Festival was qualified in 2010 for the competetive exibition of International Poster Biennale in Warsaw; Yossi Lamen, one of the most recognized Israeli graphics – the poster he created in 2008 for the second edition of the festival in the direct way refferred to his monographic exibit that was organized by us in National Museum in Poznań. In 2010 we collaborated with Krzysztof Iwański, one of the most promising creators of the youngest generation of Polish graphics. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 the graphic setting of the festival was provided by reputable graphic artists associated with Morski Studio Graficzne from Poznań.
The festival program has been divided into two thematic blocks: music and film. It includes concerts, film screenings, meetings with artists and theater show based on ‘The Cinnamon Shops’ by Bruno Schulz. Tzadik festival will last four days and each day will have its own unique atmosphere. The festival will host Polish and foreign eminent filmmakers and musicians with great artistic achievements as well as young, beginning artists who are fascinated with richness of Jewish culture.
The film block of Tzadik festival, as in the previous years, is devoted to Jewish nation, its tradition, national and cultural identity and history (also the contemporary one)
As in the previous years, there will be the review of films presented and awarded at the recent International Film Festival ‘Jewish motifs’. Today young people face serious problems related to terrorism, intolerance and hatred, therefore we want to reach a young audience with contemporary film works on Jewish issues in particular.

The venue for film shows will be audio-visual room of Mały Dom Kultury in Dragon Club (the room seats around one hundred).The selection of movies has been made by Piotr Forecki who is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Culture at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of the Adam Mickiewicz University. His research focuses on the Polish memory of the Holocaust, the representation of the Holocaust in feature films, anti-Semitism and hate speech in public discourse.
We heartfully invite you to the 8th edition of Tzadik Poznań Festival!